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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Desider Stern - 16th January '45 until 1948

Liberation of the city part Pest by the Soviet troop.

Mr. Stern visits Mr. Román's house... all were in the bunker. The roof was on fire... and Mr. Barnai (the theater director) was trying to extinguish the fire with a water bucket.
He expressed his despair to Mr. Stern... who brought him back to the protective house where they stayed another 15 days.

A ex-labor camp colleague invited him to live in his house. Mr. Barnai went to his cousin.
Mr. Stern only had with him what he had on him.
National money was anyway not valid anymore... only Gold and Foreign currencies.
... but life normalized slowly... he was asked to manage a watch business... a cashier was missing, so they employed Mr. Stern's sister. He earned 10US$ a week, his sister 6US$.

War was over.

Mr. Stern still didn't know what to do with his future.
Life was difficult.

Close to the Clock shop, there was a little workshop in a small house, lead by the engineer Mr. Simon.
Through a contact, the 2 men met.
Mr. Simon showed him his workshop... and offered his help. He could even live there if he wanted, but Mr. Stern already had an accommodation.

Mr. Stern share the idea to Mr. Simon to manufacture coffee machines.
They started to draw, make models...
Finally, Mr. Stern moved to his house.
Mr. Stern fell in love with Mr. Simon's sister in Law, whose husband (Mr. Simon's brother), a lawyer didn't come back from the concentration camp.

Mr. Stern recognized the demand for electrostatic carbon, he knew a business in Italy who could deliver these items.
Mr. Stern went to the train station to buy a train ticket to Italy but the communists were making problems.

Mr. Simon had found a foundry that would cast their invention, the machines were sent to them in boxes, so they had nothing else to do: just sell.

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