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Monday, 4 June 2012

Before i go any further... What happened of "Grillux"?

The First Lieutenant Ferdinand Unger was the "Trustee" responsible for the dissolution of the company "Grillux".

In his memorandum, he details that the transactions of the company "Grillux" are booked on the accounts of the Brothers Grab, the remaining stocks being sold off, taxes paid.
Even the small "debts" was paid to the suppliers.

It also reports about the "debt" of the 2 "silent owners" who fled to Hungary. Until this "debt" is paid, all the patents are kept invalid.

The 2 "silent owners" are nobody else than Desider Stern & Richard Román whose paths were going to cross again in Hungary.

The First Lieutenant Ferdinand Unger will we paid 2000 Czech Crowns per Month (from April until August) for his fiduciary activities... these 10 000 Czech Crowns are to be taken away from the former  company "Grillux".

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