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Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Quest...

I might need some help.


I really need some help!

My research has met a new challenge!!!

For me, and since i started my research, there was always 3 components that were a guide to what i found:

_ Time,
_ Money,
_ Energy or call it Passion / Dedication / Perseverance.

I am CONVINCED anyone could have found what i have found.
I am CONVINCED every coffee machine can be researched the way i did.
(And that would REALLY be interesting too!!!)

Yes, you have to invest a bit of yourself.

For me, that means the last 3 years of my free time.

All above cited 3 factors came into account at some point or another, and sometimes all together at the same time.

But i assure you, it was worth it!!!

Every second,
Every cent,
Each quantum of energy!

And the next posts will show you the 4th challenge: Language

I am French born, worked in the UK, travelled many times in Spain, and now live in Austria... 

... well, i am a bit short of Desider Josef Stern... because he knew hebrew, magyar, german, english, spanish, french, and there is a good chance he was speaking czech too!!!

I was working out the best way to get information about Mr. Stern's life in - at that time - Czechoslovakia...

... information about a business in the 30s in Czechoslovakia (a country that doesn't exist anymore) , about a single person who lived only a few years there:


I went to a colleague of mine - Michaela - who translated a text in Czech for me:

I copied it by hand several times and sent it to a few places in the Czech Republic.
 (I am again sorry to shock you, but i really did put stamps on envelopes ... the old way!!!)

Let's see what is a hopeless attempt to gain information!

And please, for the documents in Czech:
i REALLY need your help:



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