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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I don't understand...

"I don't understand how you can put yourself in such situations" said my colleague today... and she added "you're crazy!".

Well, i haven't got a clue either!!!
But if being crazy is like this, then i want to stay in that state for as long as i can!!!

I will remember this day for ever:

It was surreal!!!

I am sitting next to Saly Noém - a curator of the Hungarian Museum for Trade and Tourism - who after opening the museum extra early just for us (for which i am deeply thankful), served coffee and biscuits, in front of me, Judith Stern, the daughter of Desider Josef Stern, and on my right side T. Simon, son of Imre Simon... and Mr. Simon junior explains what happened as he visited Vienna one day... let's hear him:

Don't they look happy these two!!!

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