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Saturday, 5 May 2012

For real fans of Mr. Desider Josef Stern

There is a good chance the following documents won't interest the broad band of the visitors of my Blog.

If you can understand the german language, it gives you great insight in Mr. Stern's business life in Austria.

Mr. Stern immigrated to Austria in December 1949.
He didn't lose time, trademarking names like Stella, Atomic, Lucullus, Eka etc.
In the next years, he will patent different inventions relating to coffee makers.

The documents which i will post now, relate to the different changes of occupation (he didn't only sell coffee machines) of Mr. Stern's business, the end of patents right for no-reconduction, general information sent to Mr. Stern etc.

I just love looking at these documents...

But above all, 4 informations were for me very interesting.

First, It gives Mr. Stern's Private address... in the same street as his business, just a few houses away.

Second, It provided me with Mr. Stern's birth place... and this is very fascinating!!!

It is giving a bit more salt to the expression "Austrian designer" or "Hungarian by birth".
Fascinating and REALLY confusing.

Mr. Stern was born in Huszt on the 24th of April 1907.
The documents state "Huszt CSR" (Czechoslovakian Republic).
I will be VERY honest with you:
The history of the City of Huszt is so complicated that i don't get it!!!
I couldn't find a reliable history of the town.
Basically, the town (for funny people, it did stay at the same place) in its history, was part (with no order and without noticing switches) of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, The Soviet Union (USSR) and is now in the Ukraine.
Mr. Stern's brother wrote a very moving and emotional book on his own fascinating life.
In this Book, he tells the incredible story of his mother traveling 750 kms in an highly advance pregnancy to visit her brother in Huszt, Hungary. The Stern parents were living in Breslau, Germany at that time (It is now called Wroclaw and lays in Poland). It is during this visit that Desider Josef Stern was born.

Third, if i understand well, what i read... the Stella Espresso business closed in 1972, not 1974.
I am about to meet Mm. Stern junior so i'll have soon the opportunity to check that out.

Last, the reason given for Mr. Stern closing his business in 1937 in Czechoslovakia was because he was called in the army... Mr. Stern called in the army in 1937. Not a situation to be in... Of Jewish confession  and having to join the army in 1937. It gives me the shivers still now (yes, i had many sleepless nights after reading the book of Mr. Stern's brother, it just goes under one's skin... there are just situation and mental pictures i will never forget).

I will post these documents non-chronological, in no order of importance... i'll just start with my favorite.

If you do speak the german language, i am sure you will have the same sparks in your eyes as i did when i found these documents.


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