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Friday, 25 May 2012

850 days... a failure?

I am ashamed of myself!!!

How could it take me so long to see the beauty in the 306E?

850 days since i saw this machine for the first time (26th of January 2010) ...

... I failed.

I failed...
... but today ...


I have covered every coffee machine model that went out of Mr. Stern's Stella business...
... all but one: the 306E.

I misinterpreted a few sparks between the 306E and me...
... failed to imagine what could become of us...
... realizing now - at last - i missed foreseeing:
i only looked at what was in from of me, instead of picturing a healthy model...
... that was a love story that died in the egg ...

Is it too late?
Can i save or reinvent a love story that never took place? 

On the 25th of May 2011, i was privileged to see this at Judith's place:

A duck without legs... talking about legs... one was laying just aside among other replacement parts:

Thanks to Lucio Del Piccolo who showed me the right path.
(What would i do without you?) 

And...  how i can put it right?
How can i thank you enough Dr. Ursula Becker for your patience and your tenacity?
How can i thank you enough for the time you took for me, and your photography skills?

Yesterday, 850 days later:

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