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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Without her...

Without her, i would still be looking for the family Simon.

Imre Simon's sister was Miss Hungary before she was elected "The most beautiful girl in Europe"!!!

On an internet article in Magyar about her, at the very end, her brother is mentioned.

That was the sparkle!

A question that ends up in beauty:

Recently, a documentary was made about her on national TV: link

Look at her feeding pigeons with elegance at 1:36!

I looked at the documentary with apprehension... i was fearing they would not interview the family members... i was waiting... waiting... thinking "How could they!!!"

So you can imagine my relief as i saw the Miss's nephew large smile at 11:08!!!

Well, Miss Europe 1929... not only did you help me posthumous to find out about your brother,
You brought some beauty to this Blog.

(Miss America doesn't look half as good!!!)

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