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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Who invented the "BAMBI"?

This is the 1 000 000 $ question!!!

Well, imagine that the son of Mr. Simon - whom i interviewed - was involved in the improvements of the "Bambi".
His father, Imre, was a business partner of Mr. Stern at the beginning years of the Szigony business.

Both Mr. Simon and Mr. Stern patented "their" invention.
(That's what i call "politically correct")

Mr. Simon patented in Hungary, of course.
Mr. Stern in...


Mr. Stern trademarked the name "Bambi" in Austria.
I don't know about Mr. Simon.
Fact is that the hungarian machines were also sold with either a "Bambi" badge or an engraved bakelite knob. 

So who invented the "Bambi"?

My heart tells me all 3 of them.

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