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Monday, 30 April 2012

Szigony Müszaki Vállalat - Svív utca 61

Ok... so after our walk in Vienna, i guess you still have your shoes on...

now, we need a train ticket and a rain jacket...


3 hours of train...

with plenty of documents to read...

... and the heart full of hope...

In the best case,
the business is still there, closed but there will surely be a lovely elderly women to open the door and show me the basement full of machines in original boxes and tons of documents between the original furniture ( and i might get a coffee even).

In the worse case,

(and it's raining)

I couldn't believe my eyes... so i left and walked and walked, trying to find all the places where the family Stern lived in Budapest.

Finally, i went to the Café New York.

I couldn't believe it, so i went back.

And see the difference it made!!!!

The sun was shining!

and this "we are not working on this garage" building site was still there.

Months later, i found the Family Simon and we went, i was accompanied by Mm. Stern, with Mr. Simon junior to this sad site.

He was telling a lot of stories and childhood memories.
And that was an unforgettable experience!!!


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