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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stella Wien - Freyung 1

Since July 2011, Orlando di Castello has become my "local café".
For 2 reasons, first the staff has been trained by Johanna Wechselsberger,
Second, it is the only place in Vienna where you can drink an espresso at the bar for 1€
 (just like in Italy).

So on that very day, i start my "Stella business" walk by an espresso in O.D.C.
I go out of the building, look at the list of addresses i wrote on a Post-it and read "Freyung 1".

I take my map of Vienna out of my jeans back pocket,
Look for "Freyung 1": Page 49, N 12.

I raise my head only to realize that i just got out of "Freyung 1"!!!!

The "Palais Hardegg" is a very majestic building with a light green facade built in 1847 by 2 architects: Johan Romaro and August Schendenwein for the aristocrat Maximilian Hardegg.
A typical "historicist" building borrowing architecture from former centuries (Frieze, Corinthian pilasters etc.)

A nice address too...

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