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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mr. ANonymoUS and his search for "The truth"

"Mr. Anonymous"'s  last comment posted on this :  


Please come with something new as i have heard that before!

Looking for the truth?


Ask him about his hard information so difficult to obtain:

Ask him to name those collectors and experts who universally agreed:

Ask him about the general agreement on "whatever happened":

Ask Mr. ATOMIC on Bestcafes

Ask him about Giordano Robbiati's living room and his Renoir:

or about the basement:

Ask all these 11 EXPERTS all based in Adelaide, Australia,
 who contributed on the Wikipedia article:

here , here (here), herehereherehereherehere (legendary entry here), herehere, or here 


Ask all of them 13 what they know about The Truth

That's if all 13 persons are physically 13...
or just one "An(onymo)us" from which all the shit is coming from.
(i have to thank a friend for the last formulation).

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