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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The enlightenment

Honestly, i am quite happy to get answers to the questions i ask.

This is why this morning, i got taken by surprise.

This is the last thing i would have expected.

In a way, i got the answer before the question.

What have i done?

I have tried to put a Jug from the austrian Stella business under a hungarian "Bambi" sold by Szigony.

Just watch the video:

Blind as i was, i never realized it.

The "Bambi" coffee machine exists in 4 sizes!!!!

Yes, i allow myself to talk about THE "bambi" coffee machine!!!
Because, both Mr. Simon in Hungary and Mr. Stern in Austria used the same trademark to qualify this coffee maker. No other coffee machine was sold under the name "Bambi".

It's time to put a great big light on the Bambi!

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