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Monday, 5 March 2012

Leaflet BREVETTI ROBBIATI coffee machines IN ITALIAN!!!!

At last!!!

At last i am able to present you with the leaflet of Mr. Robbiati's coffee machines in original language!!!
(here my collection of Brevetti Robbiati / S.T.E.M.A.C. leaflets)

With any heat source you obtain, in a few minutes, coffee with perfect results.

Pour pure water in the boiler in proportion of the number of coffee to prepare.
Under any circumstances, insert coffee grounds or surrogate coffee in the boiler, as it could block the inside tube.

Fill the filter with not too finely ground coffee.

Atomic for 3 or 6 cups:
use to prepare 3 or 6 cups of coffee using the filter for 3 or 6 cups.

Atomic for 6 to 9 cups:
use to prepare 6 to 9 cups of coffee using the filter for 6 to 9 cups.

Atomic for 6 to 9 cups with heater:
To use the heater, wait until the coffee stops dropping in the cup and while maintaining the heat source active, submerge the tube in the liquid to be heated (for example milk for cappuccino) and gradually open the tap.


Sterilize the machine by boiling water 2 or 3 times in the boiler with pure water.
Every six months, open the boiler plug with the special key.
Clean with the special "piano wire" (?) the inside of the tube.
Before replacing the cap, apply a thin layer of olive oil on both sides of the red seal.
Never close too strong the portafilter and the plugs.

Do not ever tamper the safety valve inserted into the plug.

all sounds better in italian, doesn't it?
(especially, if, like me, you have Alfredo Robbiati's singing milanese accent still alive in the ears...)

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