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Saturday, 10 March 2012

La critique est aisée...

I am moved by Lucio's latest post on his Blog (check here).

My personal message to Lucio:

Here are my pearls:
(The comments posted here have been cleaned of anything that would make Mr(s) and/or Mm(s). Anonymous identifiable)

And last but no least, my personal favorite:


Lucio Del Piccolo said...

I'm not alone...

People are so... sad.

And we are so... happy...

Who is living better his life so?

Mik said...

"We cannot learn real patience and tolerance from a guru or a friend. They can be practised only when we come in contact with someone who creates unpleasant experiences. According to Shantideva, enemies are really good for us as we can learn a lot from them and build our inner strentgh."
Dalai Lama