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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Introduction to my collection of vintage ads

I often get asked how did i come up with researching and collecting my coffee machines.

I can't help shrouding my shoulders and excuse myself with "I was just curious".

All i can tell is what i was doing before i started collecting coffee machines... and i hope that will give "some" answers.

Streamline & Aluminum were going hand-in-hand in the 40s and 50s... most often joint with futurism.

For me, there is ONE name: Arthur Radebaugh.

... most disappointed by not finding a book about him, i started to collect his works... not original of course! I could only afford buying vintage ads.

So here are they.

I always hoped one or two people would learn a thing or maybe two from this blog.

I think Arthur Radebaugh should be one of these "things".


PS: maybe a detail but look at the birth years of Imre Simon: 1906, Desider Stern 1907, Giordano Robbiati 1909 or even Thomas Cara 1910... Arthur Radebaugh was born in 1906. What a generation!

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