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Thursday, 22 March 2012

"Aroma" commercial espresso machine / EWS / HO / 1954-55

The origin of the Elektro Wärme Sörnewitz company dates back to the founding of the Siemens Elektrowärme in 1922. After its implantation in a former porcelain factory, the production of electrically heated appliances started...  in 1923, already 300 employees were producing 350 irons per day.

During WW2, the factory supported the efforts of war by manufacturing parts of weapons and airplanes.
Afterwards, it was dismantled by the Soviet military administration, expropriated and given to the state own business VEB (Volks Eigene Betrieb - People own business) Elektrowärme Sörnewitz (EWS).

As early as 1946, the manufacturing of household electric appliances such as small kitchen, water heaters, hot plates, irons, electric ovens and catering equipment resumed.

This "Aroma" commercial espresso machine was presented at the autumn fair of Leipzig in 1954, and at its spring fair in 1955. (see pictures)

It was sold by HO (Handelsorganisation) a state run organization created in 1948 ( retail businesses, restaurants, department stores, cafés, hotels) of the German Democratic Republic.

If you find a one-group "Aroma" by EWS in its original box with original leaflets and guarantee papers , please contact me.

Click here to see what is left of the factory.

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