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Thursday, 16 February 2012

959,110 PERCOLATOR - Clarence U. BUCK

Clarence E. BUCK patented:

"A percolator of the character described, comprising a vertically disposed boiler having a flat top and bottom, the top being designed to support a vessel for collecting the infusion, a vertically disposed water pipe passing through the top of the boiler and extending downwardly therein with its lower end open and arranged in close proximity to the bottom of the same, the pipe projecting upwardly beyond said top and having its upper end turned horizontally above the boiler and terminating in a downwardly facing threaded socket, a container for a charge having its opposite ends open and threaded, one end of the container being screwed into the socket to suspend the container in vertically spaced relation to the boiler, a substantially flat strainer extending across the lower end of the container with the charge resting thereon, a screw cap disposed at such lower end and embodying an annular rim having threaded engagement therewith and a bottom abutting the strainer to support the same in place, the bottom being substantially funnel-saped and being provided with a central opening arranged to discharge the infusion into a collecting vessel supported on the top of the boiler, a manually operable valve mounted in the water pipe for regulating the flow of water to the charge container, and a safety calve mounted in the upper portion of the boiler for relieving the same of excessive steam pressure when the aforementioned valve is closed."

Filed Apr. 21, 1909

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