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Thursday, 16 February 2012

2,549,132 COFFER MAKER, Giordano Robbiati, Milan

Giordano Robbiati patented:

" a coffee maker having a hollow base adapted to contain water and provided with a  pressure relieving valve and a table to support and heat a pot, curved concentric tubes extending upward from said base outer of which has a filling closure and terminates in an annulus having a pair of upper and lower supporting ledges one of which is of bayonet joint tape, the inner of which tubes has a small hole near said closure and terminates in a head with a flange shaped to rest upon said support and with a downwardly directed discharge opening, a flexible metal ring of size to rest upon the upper of said ledges, a washer shaped to rest upon the ring, a spray plate shaped to rest between said washer and said flange and to cover said discharge annulus, to bear upon the flange to make the outer tube and the base a pressure chamber, and a funnel having a removable foraminous coffee holder shaped to bear upon the ring and having bayonet joint elements to cooperate with the bayonet type ledge."

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