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Friday, 20 January 2012

My secrets...


there is no secret!

If you want to know something: ASK!
(I got that from my father... and got it reminded by an italian friend of mine)

If you want to know more: RESEARCH!
(that one was from my biology teacher)

You like a design, an object, a designer... GO FOR IT!!!!

Visit the place where this person has been,
look for his/her family,
collect artifacts... look for the patents, newspaper cuts and the rest!!!


(Let me interrupt: I found the son of the manufacturer who made the candleholders you can see on this picture, so trust me, everything is in your hand... just start: Ask! ... and no, they were not designed by the famous german architect and sculptor Fritz Nagel (dammit!), neither were they designed by Caesar Stoffi... But by the long forgotten Werner Stoff (not as "sexy" as Fritz Nagel) from Köln/Cologne, patented by Hans Nagel, and manufactured by Nagel KG ... Google "Caesar Stoffi" and see which pictures come... of course in respect of modern australian trademark laws, Caesar Stoffi became generic for these candle holders... everyone says. See which pictures come when you search for the real designer Werner Stoff)

Because "EVERYONE SAYS" this lamp they call the "BOLIDE" is attributed to GUSTAVE MIKLOS!

"Everyone" ... even the experts Charlotte and Peter Fiell in their fantastic book "1000 lights" see here

You have to love the formulation, very close to the one which has been used about Mr. Robbiati's coffee machines: "It has been suggested that it might have been the work of..."

Auction houses for example here or here, Search engines like google... and even Ebay (for people i know who make research there)...

Mr. André Mounique... this is for you!

Why is it called "the Bolide" when the adverts of the Jumo business call it "LUCIDUS BLOC"?!?!?

I have now made some more research and discovered that Mr. Miklos created a sculpture named "Bolide"... so nothing to do with the Jumo business or the lamp:

Seams it is in the air nowadays to make modern reproductions of design objects... there again, if you are looking for the original: Be aware of the reproductions made in Asia!!!

And if you're looking for the history of an object... go to the people who made it... not to the ones who make the reproductions...  a wise advice.

(Why didn't anyone come up with this fantastic idea before me?)

Go on!

Google: "andré mounique jumo lamp" ;.)

Oh! You liked the yellow elephant money box Luigi Colani designed for the Dresdner Bank on this picture! ... well, it's not from Mr. Colani... although, it is worth saying, he said that it was very flattering that people thought it was him. (There is a video on youtube for the interested). Some people quote EBAY when they want to prove a point, Why not quoting Wikipedia?


Reindert Groot, from Amsterdam said...

In my opinion it is important to mention that Charlotte & Peter Fiell corrected themselves in their excellent publication "Plastic Dreams", (288 pages, 400 illustrations), ISBN 978-1-906863-08-1.
More information at www.fiell.com

On pages 58/59 the authors are giving a correct description of the JUMO lamp with full credits to its inventor Mr. André Mounique.

Mik said...

Would be very interested to see the actual page. Please send me a scan to my email address (See header). Mik