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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Leonard E. Aske's coffee maker

When i see Mr. Robbiati's most popular coffee machine, i can't help to think of the people before him that also patented their improvements on coffee makers.

Today i'll present you Leonard E. Aske's patent...

It's all good.

What a fantastic coffee maker!

Look how the jug fits perfectly under the drip sphere!

Look how the drip sphere rotates to ease the removal of the Jug!

I feel butterflies in my tummy.

Isn't this, one of the most beautiful coffee makers?

and maybe one more question:

Was it ever built?

Any U.S.A. coffee makers collectors that could provide me a picture?

I have managed to make everything i wanted until now in this research come true... met the families Robbiati ,Stern and Simon , contacted the families Sassoon and Tarditi ... the rest is Bonus.

Are you Mr. Aske's child or grandchild?

That will be today's dream...

... may it come true... just like the other ones i made until now!


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