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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Imre Simon and the Luna Press...

No... the success of a little shop run by a socialist in Budapest didn't please the communist leaders of the time in Hungary.

So... what did they do?

Apply all sorts of pressure and restrictions... reduce the living space, the number of co-workers... and included the usual visit of the authorities...

... and maybe the most successful: commercialize a copy of the machine sold by this little shop.

This is what happened to Mr. Simon, head of Szigony M.V. in Budapest.
As Mr. Simon was selling his machines with names like Midipress, and Minipress...

The state launched the LUNAPRESS.

Thanks to Lucio Del Piccolo for these fantastic pictures, you can watch some more on his Blog.

It's a little awkward looking coffee machine...

While on Holidays in Prag... i stopped by a antiquity shop and discovered a Lunapress in original Box.
The pictures are not good, but it would be a shame to not post it here.

Could someone from Hungary translate the part of the above document with "mint pl.: "Unipress, Autopress"? Many thanks in advance!!!!

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