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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Elektro / Electro ... Part 2

Szigony M.V.  in Budapest and Stella in Vienna were the exclusive retailer of these coffee machines.


Szigony means Harpoon in english...

... it is still unsure how the name came to be the one of the business.

The most probable is that the nearby coffee house gave it its name.

This is the stamp which can be found at the back side of these 3 cards, showing us how the Elektro (or Piccolo although no machines has been seen with this designation) could have looked like... see the slight variations of design, the change of place of the trademark (from the knob to the head)... the size and shape of the tray, the portafilter for 3 cups, the shapes of the Jugs... the flared column...

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