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Friday, 20 January 2012

Clarence U. Buck's coffee machine


_ "What can you see?" said my biology teacher.

And i would whisper:

_"Improvements on a coffee maker???"

My teacher goes all red, put his too hands on his desk and starts shouting:

"How many times do i have to tell you? Won't you ever understand!:
Mr. Buck patented the atomic shape."

Of anger, he tears his mask away... and who do i see?!?! ...

Fortunately, the school bell rings... ring ring ring


Ring ring ring... it get an elbow in my ribs from my right side... the alarm rings and it's time to go to work.
I was just a bad dream... and no... i'll never understand.
(i like the surreal touch of Mr. Buck patented the atomic shape")

I'm happy the way it is.  # doo di doo di da pam pam pam didip didoop doo di da #

What am i posting today?

Cast your eyes on this invention:

We're in 1910 in the United Stated of America.

That's one year after Manlio Marzetti's Italian patent... 

Everything is there to make coffee...

All you need is water and ground coffee... some time in between you need to boil one and make it pass in the other... and what falls in the cup is "drinkable" coffee: this is a coffee machine after all.
I like to explain you technical stuff.

... ok ... you need a security pressure valve (made out a nursery safety pin?) just in case ... and a wood handle because after you put your invention on the stove, you can't get it away.

The tube bringing the water upwards makes an elegant curve, and brings the hot brewage in the human-eared cup (before they tried in on mice). I hope i got that right.

You fill it with water by opening the front plug.

I'm starting to like this thing... # my heart is singing, while the band is swinging#

I'm going to celebrate the genius of inventors by drinking a Bacchi... 

The text of the patents is exquisite to read... just do it.

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