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Friday, 9 December 2011

Model 402 - Stella - Desider Stern - Vienna - Part 1 and only.

The littlest coffee machine from the Stella business, Vienna.

The first on the list of items missing in Judith Stern's amazing collection:

Stella Model 402

(Did you notice the top is from a 402E?)

All you need to know is written here in these descriptions for resellers:

3.75 USD... in let's say 1956...

It's tiny tiny... 16 cms... enough place for 3 mokkas... 

Assuredly the smallest coffee consumption!

The bakelite handles changed over time... first the lead pencil shaped, then the bigger one with ring... then the plain conical one...

... the man behind the 402, Desider Stern, stayed the same... just a few more wrinkles on the forehead:

Another picture before wishing you a nice day:

Have a nice day!

Und Vielen Dank nochmals Herr. Bugram!

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