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Friday, 23 December 2011

In the realm of coffee makers...

About a year ago, this phrase stroke me:

Everyone has the right to have a point of view and i am the first to respect that!

But sometimes it comes to "who said it" and "in which purpose"...

... i have other points of views.

Let's take a simple example on a less disputable trademark:


The trademark Piccolo was used in Hungary by the Szigony business of Imre Simon in Budapest on several machines:

In Vienna, Desider Stern, who recorded the trademark "Piccolo" also named at least 2 of his machines Piccolo:

The model 306E:

And the model 305E:

That's for the Trademark...

For the coffee machines, each invention was patented, may it be in Budapest or Vienna...

The Model Elektro in Budapest by Desider Stern:

The Model 305E and 306E use the same patent, registered by Desider Stern in Vienna:

The last invention, for the model picture 3rd from top, was registered by Imre Simon in Budapest:

Imagine now, there would be "The Piccolo coffee machine"... How would it look like? On which shape would it be based? Who would be the inventor of the Piccolo? On which ground would you say that this particular model is "The Piccolo" and not "A Piccolo" among others?

And above all... how would you argument it, apart from saying "people say"?

Unfortunately, i can't find out who said this monumental phrase (Was it Marilyn Monroe in an interview in 1953-54?), but i relate to this:

I am not people.


Lucio Del Piccolo said...

I am not PEOPLE.
Bt I'm a Del Piccolo!!
don't use my name or my lawyer will get your xxxx and squeeze them!

Mik said...

If ever produced: I'll be the first one to buy a Lucio shaped Piccolo coffee maker... looking like the italian (super) model that you are!!!