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Friday, 11 November 2011

Introduction to the next 2 posts...

This is what it took to arrive at the next pieces of documentation:

I started my research on the 16th of December 2009.

I found a hint which documentation could be where on the 20th of August 2010.

---- In the meantime, i was finding the patents, paying them and studying them... and i was dealing with an Italian collector to put me in contact with another Italian collector which would lead me to meet Mr. Robbiati in Milan ---

I got in contact with an Australian collector on the 15th of February 2011...
... who gave me the email address of an American collector on the 7th of May 2011.

I sent an email on the 8th of May 2011...
... and got the answer on the 20th of September 2011.

On the 23rd of September 2011, i gave this collector the location / and information about which documentation to get.

I received the answer on the 10th of November 2011 (yesterday).


And so yesterday, i had tears in my eyes when i saw them... Over happiness...  because of the achievement after this hard work (never thought i would ever saw it) and also thanks to the kindness of so many collectors and family members... and finally to the collector who made the last steps to get this fine, very fine documentation...


Shortly after, i realized that it took probably just about 30 seconds for someone to write on the internet that it was "probably a prototype" some years ago... this famous phrase even found its way to the lips of Claudia in the Tv program "Collectors" of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation...  and it made me smile.


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