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Monday, 28 November 2011

Bon Trading Co. Part 2

Irene Notaras began importing, promoting, selling and servicing Giordano Robbiati's patented coffee machine around May 1964.

In 1965, she became the sole Australian agent for the Brevetti Robbiati business.

Through Mm. Notaras marketing strategy - mainly consisting in meeting the customer directly to show the benefits of the machine though out the continent, and involving Shopping centers to sell the machines, the coffee machine became very popular...

... so "very popular" that Mr. Robbiati, in his little factory and with his limited workforce in Milan, couldn't keep up with the demand!!!

Mm. Notaras became Mr. Robbiati best customer and this from the beginning of the 1970s until the closure of Alfredo Robbiati (Giordano's son) 's business S.T.E.M.A.C. in 1989.

If you have a old leaflet of the Bon Trading Co., you will notice they are far more detailed than any other leaflet. The procedure how to use the machine and above all how to foam milk is well explained, even a bag with the right grind was stapled! With its 8 pages, it is the leaflet the most generous in information of all businesses.

From 1965 to 1968, the imported coffee makers had the most common "Brevetti Robbiati" badge.

1965 - 1968:

Afterwards, Brevetti Robbiati sent the machine with badges especially made for the australian reseller... even if with a little misspelling happened at some time.

Post 1968:

In 1970, Mm. Notaras moved her business from 17, Reynolds Street in Balmain...

 ... to 12-14, Oxford street in Woollahra (New South Wales) where she is still active today.

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