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Monday, 28 November 2011

Bon Trading Co. Part 1

In 1902, Irene Notaras's grandfather Lambrinos was the first Notaras (from Frilingianika, Kythera - Greece) landing in Australia. He had left his wife and 6 children at home to work for an Austrian restaurant-keeper to support his family in Greece.

The oldest son John arrived in 1905.

In 1908, it is the turn of Irene Notaras's father, Anthony Lambos Notaras (1895 - 1992) to emigrate for economic reasons to Australia.

In 1909, Lambrinos Notaras acquired his own fruit shop...

 ... which with the help of the 2 sons developed in the Marble Bar Café.

(These newspaper inserts date 1917)

In 1926, the 2 brothers, Anthony and John gave in order a theatre to the colonel F. J. Board, architect in Lismore (New South Wales). This theatre is now identified as a category 1 item on the NSW Heritage office's movie register for NSW 1896-1996 and is included within the Royal Australian Institure of Architects's Register of Buildings of 20th century significance.

(Ertaeht is theater spelt backwards ;.) )

Anthony was later joined by his wife in 1932, Lanthe (née Megaloconomou), from the village of Potamos. They will have 5 children: The twins Angelo and Mitchell, Irene, Betty and the youngest son John.

In 3 generations, the Notaras became a prominent family in Grafton.

While Mitchell made himself a name in colorectal surgery (he introduced Lateral Subcutaneous internal Anal Sphincterotomy for Anal fissure)...

While Angelo (born 1933) & John (born 1939) won Australian and International awards for their inventions in Chainsaw and Ignition system and created the manufacturing company "Atom industries" for these  items in 1963...

Irene Notaras will become famous with her Import/Export company - Bon Trading Co., and for the immense achievement of introducing the Australian people to another coffee drinking culture, importing the Atomic badged coffee machine from Europe and through her love, dedication and hard work succeeding in making Brevetti Robbiati's coffee machine a self evidence.

Let's celebrate a major customer of the Brevetti Robbiati business!

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