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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Atomic 402E

It is difficult for me to understand this notion of "Atomic form", because the trademarked name "Atomic" has been used on coffee machine of so many different and various shapes and functions.

Maybe the following statement will be interesting for some:

In his patent for the model 402E, Mr. Stern makes indirect allusion to Mr. Robbiati's flathead patent.

He states the disadvantages the flathead had - like for example, the sand-core which has to be taken away by small openings after the machine had been cast, or the fact that you can't access the inside of the machine (i suppose for the means of cleaning and maintenance).

So the 402E can be seen as a much improved version of Robbiati's flathead.

So, What about the "Atomic shape"?

Well, if there was one... I repeat, If there was one...

Mr. Stern would have destroyed it in his patent for the 402E.
(yet, it wore the "atomic" badge (see here)... that's because a trademark can be put on any machine the owner of this trademark wants regardless of the shape or the function... and it is actually what happened... in Giordano Robbiati's business as well as in Desider Stern's)

It might be a bit confusing, so i want to tell you this:
_the text is from Giordano Robbiati's Uk patent for the flathead,
_the picture is a Stella 402 E
_underneath the picture, the points which should be looked at.
Just compare Mr. Robbiati's flathead patent with the coffee machine Stella 402E:

_ water kettle portion is in the neck, not in the base (the heating resistance is in the base),
_No curved neck,
_ No Pipe... unless you see the hole part in the body as a pipe,
_ No removable cup engaged in the head.

_ No bent. See above picture.
The machine looks like a "E" not a "C".

_ Upper part held by one bolt.

_ No filling hole.
Your refill the machine by removing the upper part.

_ Nothing of that.
You just place the filter in the head.

_ No safety valve in the knob.
Unless you see the removable upper part as a Plug...
a bit far stretched but discussable.

_ None of that.
Water transfers in the removable part by a hole part of the cast.

Ite missa est.

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