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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Model 505E "Lucullus" - Stella - Desider Stern - Vienna - Part 4

Marketing the "Lucullus"...

There was no other way those days: to get the customers, you had to go towards them.

How many fairs did the Stella employees or Mr. Stern himself visit?

Presenting, Demonstrating, Sampling, Talking to the customers... days in days out.

Traveling Europe to find a reseller that would order boxes of machines (Where are the boxes???).

The Lucculus, for example, were boxed per 24 pieces. That's a 97 cm X 57 cm X 99 cm box of 115 Kg!!!
Oversee transport would add 10 kg of packaging.

So where was it shipped?

Well, there are letters in English, French, Spanish... others with US $ prices and Hungarian forint...

But the only proof it was sold abroad is this picture of a shop in the Netherlands... Henk van der Voet N.V.

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