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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Model 505E "Lucullus" - Stella - Desider Stern - Vienna - Part 9

Where can you see a Stella 505E "Lucculus" nowadays?

Well... Most are part of Private collections...

Like Mm. J. Stern's (Austria)

or Dr. Ursula Becker's (Germany website)

or Joan Ramirez's (Spain website)

Or Lucio Del Piccolo's (Italy website)

To see one in the wild... you'll have to travel to Portugal!!!

In one of Lisbon oldest coffee shop, Pastéis de Belém, the Lucullus has a central place in the front window.

The pride (and a kind of coolness) is easy to see on the face of Mr. Stern 's grandson Dominic, who got invited by the owner of the coffee after he told him who he was...

... while on Mr. Stern's daughter's face... the red and slightly wet eyes give away a more emotional encounter:

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Lvx said...

Mine is "the most shining". :-)