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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Some rare bits and bobs...

In an earlier post about Mm. Stern's collection, i mentioned some pieces of the Stella company which are not to be seen on the picture. Since a picture is worth a thousand word, i thought i'll present you with these rare bits and bobs:

_ The Model 402

_ The Model 110
(here on a 104E base)

_ The electric base Model 402S

This electric base looks a bit different then these to be found under a Bambi 2 model:

_ The electric base Model 104E.
(here to be seen under the 104 model)

I'll make a picture of the base alone very soon.

_ The cooking machine "Grillux".

and a mysterious spirit burner (underneath the Bambi 2 model):

If you find any of this please contact your humble servant... my email address? Tell me you didn't notice!!! It is everywhere!!!

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