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Thursday, 20 October 2011

My collection

From Top to Bottom, left to right:

1) Établissements Tarditi (Joseph Tarditi) - Model "Nec Tar" with base- Chabeuil (France)
2) Brevetti Robbiati (Giordano Robbiati) - Painted Roundhead model - Milan (Italy)
3) Stella (Desider Stern) - Model 104 + electric base 104E - Vienna (Austria)
4) Brevetti Robbiati (Giordano Robbiati) - Flathead model (incomplete) - Milan (Italy)
5) Szigony Müszaki Vállalat / Qualital (Imre Simon) - Flathead model - Budapest (Hungary)
6) Stella (Desider Stern) - Model 102 - Vienna (Austria)
7) GDV (?) - Model Electa - (Italy)
8) Brevetti Robbiati (Giordano Robbiati) - Small Flathead model - Milan (Italy)
9) ? - ? - ? - (Argentina)
10) Brevetti Robbiati (Giordano Robbiati) - Roundhead model - Milan (Italy)
11) Brevetti Robbiati (Giordano Robbiati) - Roundhead model - Milan (Italy)
12) A. & M.G. Sassoon (Aubrey & Marion Gay Sassoon) - Roundhead model - London (UK)
13) Brevetti Robbiati (Giordano Robbiati) - Roundhead model with Steamer - Milan (Italy)
14) Brevetti Robbiati (Giordano Robbiati) - Roundhead model with Steamer - Milan (Italy)
15) A. & M.G. Sassoon (Aubrey & Marion Gay Sassoon) - Roundhead model with Steamer - London (UK)

As you can see, i always kept to the original historical coffee machines (1946 - 1983) trying to get the "as early and as complete" models i could... i have done pretty well, i am just missing one Jug.

Quality & Authenticity.

I concentrated on the works of Mr. Robbiati, Mr. Stern, Mr. Simon and Mr.&Mm. Sassoon, enhancing this collection with rare models like the complete "Nec Tar", the "Electa" and the Argentine machine.
I have yet to get my hands on a coffee machine from the S.t.e.m.a.c. business (hence the date above being 1983 for the closure of Brevetti Robbiati and not 1989, closure of S.t.e.m.a.c.)

It is hard to believe but I have never seen myself as a collector. For me these machines are 3 Dimension documentation that add to the extended collection of pictures, trademark & patent registrations, video & audio recordings of interviews, adverts and precious moments i shared with the family of the manufacturers.

I have never aimed at owning so many machines (how the hell could i afford it?), like i have never aimed at getting so far in my research... i was just curious.

The Blog is for me a cherry topping... as well as... well, it's too early to talk about that.

In the meantime, Enjoy the pictures!

I have a challenge for you.
Try to get these:

or Number 6: it was only commercialised one year... not very spectacular machine, but impossible to get!!!
(To my knowledge, the only other person owning one is Mm. Stern).

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