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Monday, 17 October 2011

La Bikinette - Modèle déposé - France - Part 1

This french octagonal wonder belongs to the family of coffee machines in which the water is placed in the base, and the machine itself on top of any suitable heat source.

Its similarity to the Brevetti Robbiati patent #26168 is flagrant:

Unfortunately... everything is still to be uncovered about this machine... something it has in common with the Electa Gdv.

But unlike the sick perfection and sensual feel of the Electa, "La Bikinette", with its angular roughness and very basic basicness calls for sympathy... when not compassion.

I took these pictures on a visit to the region of Triest where i visited Mr. Lucio Del Piccolo.
His Blog entry: here

Perhaps / "Our Guess" / Theories / "we assume" / Guesstimate / "educated guess" / "it could be" / "likely"  has no place on my blog... although i would like to have this artistic freedom.

I want a patent, an advert and the grandchildren of the manufacturer!

Until then, i'll let my eyes stroll on these pictures and recall the emotions of having had the chance to take this Gem in my hands.


Lvx said...

Oh, I'm SO SORRY I'm the only one collector who can wake up every morning and see the Bikinette!

Mik said...

I have empathy with you... Thanks for letting me use the pictures! This machine is unique and so are you!