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Friday, 14 October 2011


Mr. Alfredo Robbiati's grandfather (Giordano's father) was a butcher.

Mm. Judith Stern's grandfather (Desider's father) was a shoemaker.

Mr. T. Simon's grandfather (Imre's father) was a doctor.

Strangely enough... My grandfather had a café... It was called "Café de l'Anjou", his name was Pierre Janvier.

My other grandfather was a peasant.

On times... he would also drink coffee...

The coffee was made by my grandmother in the morning with a filter machine. Afterwards, the coffee was re-heated over and over at request during the day, a tradition my parents took on themselves. If you drink coffee late in the day... you might need to throw 3 sugar pieces in, instead of 2.

And i noticed i often talk in this order: Robbiati - Stern - Simon... Almost alphabetical... but it has a very deep tradition in Brittany. You never mention a woman at the end of a list. It is not polite. So if you mention a woman, you have to place it as antepenultimate... a peculiarity you'll also find at traditional dances of my homeland... although things are changing slowly.

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