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Friday, 14 October 2011


"Flathead" refers on this Blog to the banana shaped coffee machines where the head was made of 2 distinct pieces which were maintained to another by 3 screws, NOT and i repeat NOT to paleoanthropological rituals...

Have you noticed that on the patents the screws of the flathead were coming from above?

The top piece was fixed by the screws from on top... and not underneath like the only flatheads we know of ... until now.

Or like on most patents where both drawings co-exist:

To my knowledge, only the USA patent has coherent drawings... it was registered in 1951... this might explain that.

I have unscrewed my little flathead once...

What made me laugh is that not one screw was identical to the other:


One can learn a lot from Mr. Robbiati... Either from on top... or from underneath... But never... you listen?... Never ever sideways.

This is a freaky looking flathead, isn't it?

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