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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Flabbergasted... Part 1

Now... I have seen many things during my research.

And today (it is 5.10 am here in Vienna),

I am F-L-A-B-B-E-R-G-A-S-T-E-D!!!!!!

Flabbergasted... speechless... and not only once... or twice... but thrice.

I have just seen a coffee machine... i have seen many... but this one?

No this is a first time... something unique.

My heart stop.

Can you see like me a protruding boiler plug on Mr. Robbiati's coffee machine??????

Look at the USA patent registration... and do like what i did for the past 30 mins, look back and forth...

And if you say, well it is just a normal boiler plug that hasn't been put back in place properly:
I will tell you: Flatheads didn't have no front plug!

1 comment:

Lvx said...

In THAT front plug there was the safety valve, and the knob was ... a knob.