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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Desider Stern - literaturhaus - 2007 videos

These videos have been recorded during an evening honoring the life of Mr. Desider Stern in 2007, for the centenary of his birth, at the Viennese exile library.
They give a short insight into the life of Mr. Stern... i always get taken by the emotion when i see them.
These private memories of the man are priceless. Many thanks to the Youtuber for sharing these.

The first video takes you through the exhibition that took place in 2007.
On the second video, you'll see Mr. Stern's grandchild reading 3 letters of the grandchildren to their deceased grandfather.
On the third, Mm. Stern junior recalls personal memories of her father.
On the last, Mr. Stern junior mentions the handing over of the coffee machine collection to the viennese museum of coffee... the permanent loan never took place. I have contacted the director of the museum. The reasons for the failure of the deal could not be elicited.

These videos are in German.

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