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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Thinking outside the box...

Today, on Blue Peter, we will make a box for our favorite coffee machine...

You will need:

_ 2 pieces of corrugated cardboard,
_ a pair of scissors

Warning: Some parts of these lessons involve the use of scissors or other sharp tools for cutting cardboard. Do not use scissors, or any sharp tools yourself, unless you have permission from a parent! It is better and smarter to ask for help than to use something dangerous by yourself! Ask a parent to look at this web page with you to decide how you can safely use it. We want you to be safe while you learn!

_ a stapler (larger than the usual bureau ones... or a stapler for a big bureau),
_ a ruler,
_ a thick blue pen...(i used Black... you'll see why).

Here is the original box from the Brevetti Robbiati business.

The adjective rare is commonly used to describe it... a reason for the box to be so rare nowadays is that, for saving place on shipment, the greater number of coffee machines manufactured were delivered as spare parts. It was the duty of the reseller to put the machines together and test them. I have heard from a reseller that the first boxes originated in the 70s.

I enjoy the very simple design yet very tough construction... it's "efficiency" written with capital letters.

So! are you ready?

First, you'll need to work in the right directions of the corrugation. That means you have to cut the cardboard parts so that, when you fold it, the fold is at right angle with the direction of the corrugation. It will strenghen the box and make it less prone to wear.

(that means: do as i say, not as i do: My cardboard originates from the rubbish and i couldn't find the right size...)

The size of the cardboard cuts you'll need are:
14,6cm X 87cm for the sides
22,8cm X 65,5cm for the bottom and top.

Here is how to proceed:

Take the longest one (top of picture) and fold it like this: 23cm-19cm-23cm-19cm-3cm

Fold the 3cm inside and staple it 3 times from the outside like on the original (bottom).

Take the other pieces and put it inside 3 cm away from the edge... the staples from the first piece must show up:

Take it in your hands and staple it twice on each side:

Then fold the hanging length inside the box-to-be ... (something like 11cm-18,5cm-14,5cm-18,5cm-3cm if you want to mark it  before... basically just fold it so it fits inside the first part).
Like this:

The box is nearly ready!!!!

Let your artistry fly... take a pen and go for it!

Mine is so close to the original, i nearly fooled myself:

Difficult to tell which one is the original one and which is just the copy (now you know why i used the black pen... the original was stamped with a blue ink).

If you plan to make one: send me your results!!!

Keep in touch, next time, we'll learn how to make a Szigony box...

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