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Friday, 9 September 2011

La Dorio... almost.

I have had the chance to be born and raised in a very nice part of the world... if not in the nicest:

There are places i always visit when i go home, one of them is Ploumanac'h and its pink granit coastline.

When i saw the espresso machine "La dorio" in the collection of Enrico Maltoni (http://www.espressomadeinitaly.com/) , it gave me an idea.

Living abroad gives you strange ideas... i always think my root are stronger and longer because they have to reach until where i was born...

I have searched long for the perfect way to fulfill my dream... and i got one tip from a souvenir seller in Ploumanac'h: visit the local tombstone maker. 

The result is pleasing to me... what do you think?

The other part of my brain tells me: "it's like a Bacchi and a grinder on top of a granit slab... ".


But i still like it.

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