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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Finding the Electa...

Finding the Electa... or talking about Karma.

I don't believe in a lot of things... one could say i am a very unreligious type of guy.

I relate to a few things. Karma is one of them.

I believe good things bring ones/others good things... one just has to start.

I had just cleared this blog from my aggressive rants at the gurus, that my friend Lucio send me an email he couldn't wait to share with me.

This very special something was this:

The seller agreed to stop the sale.

I was very happy for Lucio... one more amazing piece in his collection... a mystery to be solved.
Something more to chew on.

And i started again to send rounds of emails, looking for catalogues/adverts... and again, like for the past 3 years... not one reliable trace to follow.

Even joint efforts to crack it down failed.

One thing i was really looking forward to is his pictures!!!!! Look here!

One week went by... (Lucio was already polishing his machine like crazy)

But this time, my heart went floating somewhere between Vienna and Cloud n°7... because i started bidding on this (i was - to my own surprise - the first bidder at US$7!):

One thing i was very excited about... the seller misspelt the name!!!
But who doesn't???

And after pressing the Refresh button every 30 seconds for a whole 3 days (i apparently discovered it on the late), and staying up until 4 in the morning...


The Sofia Loren of my collection was on its way!!!

One more sign for me to ignore the bad energy and concentrate on the good things in life...

I can't explain every of my discoveries.

98% of my research was just to ask.
2% were stuff like this...  i gave it the name Karma... it makes it more friendly to have a name.

Have a nice day! and be good!!! ... i haven't always... but i'm learning.


dcampeau said...

ahhh...here's the story...congrats...good keywords are everything when selling. But bad keywords are everything when buying!

Mik said...

Well formulated!

There are also people who don't know what they are selling... and who are honest enough to send you the machine althought you made an offer at the beginning of the auction which was 5-6 times as much as the end price!!!