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Friday, 30 September 2011


no really.

Do i get it?


Why would expect someone to buy a coffee machine in Nz for 3 times the price than in Italy?

Why a coffee machine sold as 1970 in Italy gets sold as 1968 in Australia?

Modern Days "Funky" Theft.

PS: Same finger as the Austria seller of the Nockit... same tablecloth as the Italian reseller...


But that isn't nothing yet...

(Part 2 follows...)


Anonymous said...

I suppose someone, best in Australia, should buy 'both' Atomics at the same time, so when Mr.Funky in OZ can't deliver the goods, sue him to supply such a rare coffee maker.

Anonymous said...

I bought the one from Italy (which seems a legitimate seller), so I'm curious about what the guy in Australia thinks he's selling.

My guess is the scam is to find a machine with a buy it now and set up your auction using the pictures in the other with a higher start price and if and when you get a first bid then buy the former immediately making a big profit and asking the seller of the item to post the item directly to your seller. If you don't get a bid on the scam auction before the item sells you then just cancel the auction. This should be reported to ebay as this is clearly not an item they own when placed for auction.

Mik said...

Gratulation on your purchase!!!
The badge looks great and i would be happy if you could send me a fine picture of it (it is the best kept i have ever seen!).

As for the rest... i hope my posts will increase awareness. I agree with your guess, i think he intended it so too.

Where there is money to be made... every means seems just good enough.

My last phrase could illustrate the wikipedia entry too...

Best regards and well done again.
180 was a fair price indeed.