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Monday, 19 September 2011

Exceptions to the rule

What a fantastic webpage put up by mike to spot Model B coffee machines reproductions made in india being sold on the market (mainly Ebay)!!!!


The community became so (too?) reactive and (too?) efficient... one Ebay offer recently got taken away after just 3 days.
3 Ebayers pointed - with right - to the seller that he was selling an indian reproduction. The seller was denying.
I sent one assuring him he might consider the warning of the 3 ebayers and that the auction will be stopped by ebay. Shortly after, the auction did stop.

 I received an thanking email, which is always a pleasure. I considered "Goose" as his signature:

Anyhow... sorry i got distracted... all i wanted to say is, every good rule has its exception.

For example these 2:

Mike did a great job raising the awareness of these reproductions. I take my hat off.
Thumbs up Mike!!!

But how difficult it is now, to get a these in ones collection!!!!!
You have to know the black market very well.
I don't... but i only collect machines made before 1989.
After that... the machines were... how to say... well... maybe one day, i'll write a post about it...

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