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Monday, 5 September 2011


At the end of this month, i will have shared with you everything i know about A.&M.G Sassoon.


Are YOU ready?

yes... YOU!!!


Lvx said...

I am ready!

Mik said...

You are most probably the only one...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what else you have dug up.
Also purchased your book Very cool!
what about adding a picture of the Robbiati Martian to your book?

David said...

Hey Mikael, will you sign my book if i send it to You?

Mik said...

But of course!
Will it be worth more?
I shall number them too ... hehe.
Must have sold 5 copies or so.
Best regards from Vienna,

Mik said...

@ Anonymous:
Collecting leaflets is a painstaking job. If you don't pay for it, you have to trade with other documents.
People sending their documents with kindness are rare... it happens though... when it happens it's like sunshine.
People think gains in value if they keep things to themselves... the real value is in the sharing... if you lose one piece of information, no one knows if it is going to reappear one day or... never.
I have a list of once seen leaflets that haven't reappeared yet... and some others just pop up once in a while.
The leaflets of the Martian i got recently from a collector. That was a very nice experience to be able to see them.

As to Mr. and Mm. Sassoon... all this is going to be unveiled soon... and after that, each one can carry on with the research. I don't come forward. Maybe family members are still alive... maybe not... and a more interesting question... in which country would they be living now and with which internet connection???

Thanks for your message... and advice.
Keep in touch,