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Monday, 8 August 2011

Martian Electric Express... Part 2.

Born in New Haven, CT in 1927, Larry (Larom) Beckley Munson grew up with both his father and grandfather in the gallery business. The first Munson gallery was established in 1860 in New Haven, Connecticut.

After serving in the Army from 1946-1947, Mr. Munson graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History in 1951.

Barbara E. Munson was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 6, 1929 to Forest and Izola Eno.

She graduated in Stephens college.

They married December 22, 1951.

Joining and expanding the family business, Mr. Munson owned The Little Gallery at 39 Palmer Square West,in Princeton, NJ from 1951-1957 (other sources state 1947-1962) and then returned to New Haven ( 33 Whitney St. and 275 Orange St.) to operate that branch of the Munson Gallery from 1959-1979, as well as The Munson Gallery in Chatham, MA from 1955 onwards.

Along with raising 4 children, Mm. Munson had her own restaurant for many years on Cape Cod called "Soup de Jour."

In 1979, They moved to Santa Fe and established the gallery there first at 653 Canyon Road, and then in 1985, at their latest location, 225 Canyon Road. The current owner - their son Michael - moved to the current retail location at 111 East Palace Avenue in Santa Fe in 1989.

A member of the Art Dealers Association of America since 1977 and a member of the Art Advisory Panel of the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Munson was one of the most respected figures in the local and national art community. A founding member of the Santa Fe Gallery Association, he was vice-president from 1980-81. Mr. Munson's career was diverse and rewarding; he served as consultant to corporations, juror of competitions, and exhibited in his galleries some of the finest contemporary American artists.

Larry Munson was known by all as vigorous, intelligent, and well-rounded in his interests. He served as an Alderman, City of New Haven, CT, 1962-63; Board of Police Commissioners, New Haven, 1969-71; Director, Yale Co-op Corporation, 1960-70; Director, National Savings Bank, New Haven, 1974-78; Advisory Board, Dwight Hall, Yale University, Chairman, 1966-72; Advisory Board, Connecticut Mental Health Center, Chairman, 1976-78; Yale Swimming Association, President, 9171-78; Santa Fe Institute of Fine Arts, Board of Directors, 1985-86; School of American Research, Santa Fe, NM, Board of Directors, 1984-1992. Mr. Munson was currently the President of the Hospice Center Advisory Board, and had been active in the Hospice Center since its inception here in 1980.

Barbara and Larry had co-founded the organization EGIS, which is devoted to senior citizens gaining access to needed services.

Larry Munson passed away November 15, 1998, Barbara, 24 February, 2011.

Larry and Barbara Munson purchased the Martian Electric Express from a little kitchen shop in Princeton, NJ in the 1950s - that kitchen shop had purchased it new from Italy. It was in use in their Munson Gallery on Cape Cod.

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