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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Look look look...

About 2 years ago, an A&M.G. Sassoon coffee machine was sold on ebay.
I already had one of these in my collection so i didn't intend to bid on it.
But it had an interesting leaflet, the same like i posted earlier this month:
There was just a stamp at the bottom right corner...

The picture was really bad -  blur and the leaflet half covered by the machine-
So i decided to try my luck and contact the owner and asked for a better picture or a scan of it...
unfortunately, no answer came back.

2 weeks went by and GUESS WHAT!!!! The same leaflet sold with another machine!!!
I couldn't believe my luck.
Regaining hope i sent an enthousiastic email, explaining my research.

A very polite answer i got... "if you want the leaflet, you just have to win the auction"
Fair do.

So i was left with a bad-quality tiny ebay picture of this leaflet with an unreadable stamp on it ... and my sorrows...

2 years went by... i completely forgot about it as much more exciting things happened since.
(but i still manage to find the file between 2300 unorganised screensaving files... the fact that i saved it back then as sasoon with one "S" slowed me down a tad).

I spent lovely holidays in the Uk recently...
and we spent time shopping a bit.

We both went to a rather newish cool place with bags and accessories in retro look.
Nothing extraordinary until now...
We were walking a lot that day, and i decided to stroll around while my wife defenetely went for the "closer look".

4 magazines were laying there quite inocently actually as they were part of the decoration but i couldn't resist to plunge myself in former times...

AND HERE THEY WERE... among the 4 magazines, 2 of them had an advert for the A. & M.G. Sassoon coffee machine... sold by a retailer that had exactly the same stamp as the leaflet i was looking for 2 years ago.

I looked at the top of the page and the advert was shouting at me "LOOK LOOK LOOK"...
and there i recalled myself of a favourite expression i had long forgotten of a friend of mine: "Flippin' hell"
& of course, i looked...
... even more than that, i had to explain the shop personal why i was taking so many pictures of these harmfull magazines.

So here they are... this is an exclusity: nowhere else will you find an A.&MG. Sassoon advert on the internet.

Definitely "British"!!!

I looked of course for information on BAHCO-CONDRUP Ltd.  and discovered that someone did the jolly good job before me, and i can't thank him enought for that (it does get time-consuming on times)!!!
Thank you Ross Mellows! Good job!

Here is the link to his Blog entry:


Have as much fun reading it as i had fun finding it!

I forgot to date the advertisments: 1961 and 1962.

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