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Thursday, 4 August 2011

1st Auction for a Brevetti Robbiati "Martian Electric Express"...

How can you separate yourself from such a design piece?

The auction is taking place on Wednesday the 17th of August 2011, at 6 pm in Sydney (Australia) at the auction house Shapiro, 162 Queen Street, Woollhara, 2025.

Viewing for people on site from Saturday the 6th until auction date from 11am till 5pm.


Enquiries to be made per phone: 02 9326 1588
or email: info@shapiro.com.au
 Click here to Download a Bid Form

A unique chance to add this prestige object to your collection.

I was planning to talk about this coffee machine much later on this blog but can't miss the opportunity.

Just a few facts.

These machines "Martian electric express" (just to state their real name) were manufactured in Novate Milanese, a small town in the suburbs of Milan, in Giordano Robbiati's business "Brevetti Robbiati".

The patent number 548481 is a complete mystery. (Patent numbers were 5 digits in Italy in the 50s... so where has it been patented?)
In the italian databank, you'll find it dated 1988...

In the U.S.A. , an application number in 1934...

The Italian "ornamentale" patent number for this coffee machine is 59069 and is dated 4th of February 1956.

I do not agree with the auctioneers on the denomination "prototype".

These coffee machines "Martian Electric Expresss", of which 3 different variations exist, were commercialized in the U.K. by A.&M.G. Sassoon as soon as 1957.

In the Unites States, you could purchase them in 2 department stores - "Lord and Taylor" and "Altman's" in New York City for the price of $130 in 1957.

The fact that there are so few remaining examples reflects their purpose at that time:
They were not made for domestic use.

Mr. Robbiati saw their use in various settlements: offices, clubs, colleges, convents, inns, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, embassies, consulates... 

... but not only... with its 18 cups capacity, he thought it would also suit - What else? -  large families...  We're in Italy, right?

Best of luck for the auction!!!

A beautiful machine indeed... (sigh)

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