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Saturday, 9 July 2011

The right order...

You will find a lot of advise on how to get the most of your coffee machine on the internet.

The use of these machines is not complicated... it requires you to put the coffee in the right place and the water equally...

The manufacturers were not making such a huge deal about it as we are today.

If you are trying to get an espresso from these machines... you might have bought the wrong equipment... the best coffee, the perfect grinding, and well dosed tamping won't help.

It is a coffee machine... just good enough to make good coffee... and it looks good doing it (that is if you are in 50s design).

Let's face it:
It is a stove top coffee machine from the 50s.

Here the 4 steps of coffee making from different leaflets:

Brevetti Robbiati:

A & M.G. Sassoon:

Szigony Müszaki Vallalát:

Bon Trading Co.:

As to heating devices... a very versatile coffee machine indeed... that was a main commercial argument.
Basically, place it on anything that gets hot and wait.

Szigony Müszaki Vallalát:

Brevetti Robbiati:

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