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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Numbers and points... the Szigony code.

For the lucky ones of you who have a coffee machine badged Atomic from the Szigony business, you probably wondered why the points and number under the water hole mean.

But first a nice example:

Here are the Number/Holes combination i collected over time:

Mr. Imre Simon, head of the Szigony business, had a company book where he registered all the machines that left his shop. In this book, the number was associated with the date of purchase and name/address of the new owner.

Each machine has a unique combination. They can be considered as serial number.

A little story to this fact:
At the of the 1970s, As the 2 sons of Mr. Simon replaced him at the counter of the business for a week, considering taking over the business... only 2 persons came. What they wanted? A new seal... for a coffee machines that was made in the 1950s.

So where is this book?

Gone lost.

and We'll never get the chance to crack the Szigony code...

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