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Thursday, 14 July 2011

The flatheads... these youngtimers.

The Flathead coffee machines from the Brevetti Robbiati in Milan existed in 2 different sizes.
They were the first coffee machines being produced by Brevetti Robbiati.
Their manufacture for the european market ended up with the sale of the license to some Hungarian entrepreneurs. (exact date still unknown... 1947 / 1948).
Their manufacture for the american market continued until the beginning of the 1950s. (They were part of the "Italy at work" exhibition from 1950 until 1953.... )

Brevetti Robbiati Flathead model small size:

Brevetti Robbiati Flathead model big size:

The Szigony business sold them from 1948 until 1977. (with or without electrical base and different jugs: the ones with a longer arm beeing the oldest models).

Szigony M.V. Flathead first model:

Szigony M.V. Flathead variation (internal or external heating source, later jugs):

The Stella company sold them from 1949 until 1974. (the first models (102) were sold only one year, the model 104 took over for the rest of the production).

Stella Flathead Model 102:

Stella Flathead Model 104:

For the ones arguing that 1974 or 1977 is already old... well that is my generation... so watch out! ;.)

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